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  • Thumbnail_Annabel_WEARECREATORS

    Annabel Oosteweeghel

    Back to creators Annabel Oosteweeghel Annabel believes objects, situations and people are perfect as they are. Her proof of concept: capturing untouched scenes of life. Patiently waiting for the perfect shot. Waiting for the right moment when light, expression and color just blend naturally. She doesn’t need to add anything to capture realness. Annabel has…
  • Thumbnail_Miron_Bilski_WEARECREATORS

    Miron Bilski

    Back to creators Miron Bilski Miron has his own Wikipedia page. Not only because he’s a dutch actor, but mostly because he’s one of the best directors with an eye for comedy. His unique attention for casting and detail has led to numerous national and international awards. Miron directed over 300 commercials worldwide. A director…
  • Fernando_wearecreators

    Fernando Garcia

    Back Fernando Garcia Fernando is a highly regarded visual director who specializes in projects that call for a high design element. In his beautifully crafted work he combines live action and subtle post production techniques. This gives his films a lofty cinematic feel for beauty, luxury and fashion work. Together with a large dose of…
  • Jasper Faber

    Back to creators Jasper Faber Jasper works as a film director and a photographer. Once he’s behind the camera, there’s only one thing that counts: the world he sees through his lens. His speciality is capturing what’s already there. Using the existing light, his framing skills and his remarkable eye for detail, to turn every…
  • Johan Tappert

    Back Johan Tappert Johan has a personal, sympathetic approach to directing that allows him to create moments of great tenderness. His typical Scandinavian sense of humour offers a pleasant counterbalance to this sensitivity. His work is full of charm and is exceptionally well-styled, and his casting is top of the line. AllFilmPhotographyProjectsAll          Film          Photography          Projects           PEOPLEPeopleSPORTSSports
  • Profile-Robert-Nylund-WeAreCreators

    Robert Nylund

    Back Robert Nylund Robert is a director who is truly skilled in creating an ambience. His cinematographic approach guarantees the creation of a beautiful, photographic film. What makes Robert unique though, and what has earned him countless awards, is the dry sense of humour that enhances his style and makes his films human and recognisable.…